Service Excellence Part 2 - Chinwe Kalu

Customer Excellence image

One very important thread that must run through every business DNA is the understanding of who the customer really is. When I ask the question in any of my classes, who is a customer, the answer I get, most of the time equates the customer with the purchases they make. They come to buy a product or service and pay for it. However, a customer is much more than all that.

In a service excellence environment, the a customer is thought of and treated like the most important person to the organization. In such an environment, it is clearly understood that the business is dependent on the customer for survival and not the other way round. In our environment, we tend to forget that.

In such environments, the customer is not an interruption to work, he is the purpose of it. He is the reason staff wake up every morning to come to the office. He is doing the business a favour by giving them the opportunity to serve hMore than anything, the customer is not a cold statistic. He is a flesh and blood human being with emotions, prejudices, likes, dislikes, preferences etc which they should take into consideration in dealing with him.

Service excellence organizations give the customer constant highs because he always feels good doing business with them. He feels he is control rather than being manipulated in his dealings with them. He knows exactly where he stands in his dealings with them because they keep him updated and in the loop. He feels respected and fairly treated. He feels his patronage is appreciated.

Service excellence is about really ensuring the well-being of the customer in their dealings with a business. When I ask people to score themselves, one thing comes through, we can all get better at truly serving our customers. The mantra 'Customer is King' should be an experience not mere words. Service excellence is really beyond the exchange of money for a product or service.