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service excellence takes customer service a notch higher. It really is about the customer and his journey with our businesses. Service excellence ensures the entire journey is designed to make the experience pleasurable and memorable, giving him good reasons.to return.
















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rn for more, and even bring his FRANs (friends, relatives, associates and neighbours) along. I asked myself what type of experience would guarantee this level of pleasure.

1.   Excellent delivery of the service or performance of the product as promised. So I come into your barber shop to get a hair-cut. I would really want a good hair-cut. I want everything around the experience of cutting my hair to be done excellently. Now, I would appreciate it being in an air conditioned room, soft jazz music or good football match, but I want my hair well cut. If the shop has all the trimmings and the blade of the shaving kit keeps nipping at my skin, or the barber barbs my hair too low, or the drape is dirty, or he does not wash my hair after the hair-cut, then all the trimmings are of no consequence. I came for a good hair-cut and I expect to get one.

2.   Ease of doing business- I want to be comfortable doing business with you. I am still at the barber shop. I am actually done with the haircut. Then I want to pay for the service with my debit card, and it will not go. They have 4 POS machines but none of them enable the payment I want to make. That just takes away whatever pleasure I got from a haircut. I have to walk a few blocks away to access an ATM machine. First there is the uncomfortable walk, then the charge to my account for using an ATM with a bank that I do not bank with. By this time I have forgotten the pleasure of the haircut. All I remember is the inconvenience at the point of payment.

3.   Timeliness. I want to get the service as quickly as possible. I don’t want to come into the barber shop and wait endlessly. If I have to wait I would like to know that it would soon be my turn. I would also want the actual barbing experience to be quick. I would hate for my barber to keep excusing himself to attend to other issues apart from my haircut. I want to be in and out as quickly as possible.

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Every business should wire itself to deliver these three things to their customers. It will require that management is completely committed to service excellence. It will require technology and automated and uncomplicated processes. It will require motivated and adequately equipped and skilled staff. These are all cost to the business. However, the more excited a customer is with your services, the more he is willing pay for them.

Service excellence is the differentiator in the market place. Businesses must begin to put structures in place to thoroughly delight the customer and see what that does to the bottom-line.  It is worth every kobo spent.

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