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Personal Effectiveness for High Performance

The course teaches participants on how to become more effective in the workplace because we realize that the more effective people are the more they can deliver on their work related targets and assignments.

There is a tonne of overwhelming tasks on your desk and you have to meet the deadlines to achieve both your personal and organizational goals. This course is the perfect one for you. It teaches you how to get things done easily, without the hassle and wearing yourself out, or losing your sanity, in the process. This course teaches you how to become more effective in your workplace because we have realised that the more effective you are, the more you can easily deliver on all of your work-related targets and assignments.

This management training course will enable you to analyze your current personal traits, habits, and skills and quickly compare them with the skills needed for your expected and desired high-performance goals. We will work with you, on how to develop new skills and an action plan that will assist you to become more effective and productive at your workplace

What you’ll learn:

In this course, Personal Effectiveness for High Performance, we are equipping you with the fundamental understanding of the need to be effective in your role. This course will highlight and teach you the following:

  • How effectiveness enables you to stand out among the herd.
  • A close look into Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and see how people can become more effective in the workplace.
  • Effective goal setting and time management
  • The 8th Habit by Steven Covey transits us from just being effective to working with excellence.
  • Core values people live and work by as they would determine output in the workplace
  • Habits and skills required to be effective working with team and managing tasks.

Overall, we want the course to impact participants' output; take them from average to excellent. 

  1. Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
  2. Sales professionals, consultants and coaches
  3. Business Developers and Sales executives
  4. Business, Sales and Marketing Managers
  5. Business Executives and Directors
  6. Anyone who wants to have a successful career in the business sector and management 

Personal Effectiveness for High Performance

The corporate environment is extremely competitive and moves rapidly. No one waits for the other. Everyone is trying to outdo the other. Businesses compete and try to out-do each other by taking more market share.  There is a certain momentum that embodies the corporate world. It requires that everyone is on top of their game. It requires that people know exactly what they are doing and are spot on about it.

We realise that the success of any business is dependent on the effectiveness of all team members. This determines how well they deliver their services and delight their clients. It goes beyond technical know-how but depends on people being able to manage themselves in a manner that ensures things get done effectively and efficiently-with excellence and a sense of urgency.  

So, in this course we will be focusing on how to get people to be more effective in the workplace. The more effective people are the more they can deliver on their work related targets and assignments. In the converse, ineffectiveness means they will be unable to deliver on their business expectations and objectives. This means productivity will not be maximal and this ultimately affects the profitability of the organisation they work for or own. Personal effectiveness of people who work in any organisation is very important for the organisation to meet its business objectives. So, we will be teaching the skills needed to become better and more productive. Assets to their organisations. 

Chimwe Kalu

Length 1 day
Effort 2 hours
Fee Free
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