Customer Service 101

A happy customer is a spending customer. This satisfied customer will always return to your store and will bring ten others with them on their next purchase. To us at CPPL, happy customers equal happy business. We will be showing you who your customers are and how you can make them happy. What they need from you and how you can give it to them and exceed all of their expectations. Customer Service 101 will equip you and your team with the right skills to treat your customers as dignified humans, put your customers first, and empower them to help your organisation succeed.

What you’ll learn:

  • What customer service is all about?
  • Learn to recognise and provide exceptional and excellent customer service.
  • Learn how to tackle "poor" customer service.
  • Learn how to "wow" your customer.
  • Learn how to empower your customers.
  • Learn how to communicate with your customers and effectively handle angry customers.
  • Learn how to be more than just a business acquaintance. Learn how to be your customer's number one friend, to make them happy and build trust and loyalty in your favour.

Who Is This Training For?

  1. Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.
  2. Customer service professionals, consultants, and coaches.
  3. Business developers and sales executives
  4. Managers of business, sales, and marketing.
  5. Business executives and directors.
  6. Anyone who wants to have a successful career in the business sector and management.


  • Customer Service 101 : Starts 21/Sep/2020

    Many organisations pay lip service to Customer Service. It is on the plaques in their receptions, it is in their marketing brochures, they even talk about it, but when you go in as a customer, you are really disappointed. This free online course titled, Customer Service 101, throws light on what customer service is really all about. We address the really basic issues around customer service. We will redefine who the customer really is. We will look beyond the textbook definition and see what he really expects doing business with you. 

    We will also redefine Customer Service beyond textbook definitions. We want to move beyond just meeting customer needs to anticipating these needs and going ahead to wow our customers. To do this, we need to understand them. We will also show you how improving your customer service will impact your business. It promises to be an exciting outing. Enjoy it. 

Chimwe Kalu

Super Administrator

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