Value Creation Masterclass

Value creation is the soul of your business, and you can become a master strategist who defines, creates, and captures value for your customers from consumer insights. This course is designed to help you easily comprehend what value means to your customer and how you can develop competitive and inexpensive strategies to deliver this value directly to your customer.

This course is designed to help you strategically turn all of your challenges into profitable opportunities. We teach you how to ask the right questions and use the feedback in a way that will give you an unmatched competitive edge over all of your competitors. Throughout this course, you will learn the vital step-by-step strategies for creating value and how you can apply them to your unique business or organisation's situation.

  • Value Creation Masterclass : Starts 17/May/2020

    Value creation is a function of understanding what your ccustomer thinks of as value. Many times, business owners come up with what they assume are great ideas without any reference to what the customer thinks. They expect customers to be wowed but the response they get is weak. Why is this so? The busines owners concept of value is different for the customer's. There is a disconnect. This disconnect will eventually determine the level of success the product will experience in the maret place.

    This course is designed to enable students understand what value creation really means and how to create it sustainably and consistently. When an organisation is able to understand the value the customer needs and is able to provide it at a profit, then the organisation is in good business. The onus lies of the organisation to put all efforts behind delivering the recofnised value to their customers. That is really what business is all about. 

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